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Heeralal Sweet House- Sweetening Your Buds In Moments Of Jubilation

Many cultures, many religions, many thoughts, many cuisines but at the time of celebration only sugary delights and no salty bites.

Sugary delight is something that we, Indians are all well-connected with and needless to say there is no time or simply every time for consuming Mithai. Sweets or mithais are no seasonal or occasional delicacies, these are forever and are meant to celebrate occasion and simply no occasion. From boosting one's strength to giving flavor to sugar wanting taste buds, mithai is a treat that best meets these needs. Serving rich in flavor and delectable in taste Sweets or Mithais is Heeralal Sweet House.

As the very name of our company suggests, we are a sweet house, serving as manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of sweets Kaju Katli, Anjeer Ajmeri Kalakand, Milk Cake, Pure Ghee Mysore Pak, are only a few to quote. We have been in this business from 55 years now and this shows our dedication and customers liking for our sweets. This sweets house was formed by Mr. Heeralal Joshi, a man of few words who invested a good amount in opening the company.

Experience The Taste Of Purity

Purity is above all, in all food items and sweets ain't exception. The taste of purity is different from everything and above everything. And by purity we mean quality and authentic ingredients that are used in making sweets. At Heeralal Sweet House, customers would find the taste of purity in all sweets, be it Kaju Ajmeri Kaland, Pure Ghee Mysore Pak or any other, because only pure and original khoya, milk, malai, ghee and other ingredients are used.

Apart from quality ingredients that we use for authentic sweets processing, we also use hygiene based and advanced food processing equipment. Each of the kitchen equipment is cleaned by us daily so that consumers can get best taste of purity.

Serving Since 1962

Experience suggests about a company a lot of things and our years of service suggest so much that is inexplicable in words. Our more than five decades of experience tells how much our existing customers like us, about our quality approach while making Kaju Ajmeri Kaland, Pure Ghee Mysore Pak and other mithais, and our dedication to serve well in Indian market.

Quality Sustained & Improved By Packing

Packing plays a key role in sweets serving activity because it is packing that not only sustains but improves quality. The below cited points suggest how and what we pack:

  • We use food grade cardboard and paper boxes for safe keeping and storing of mithais
  • For syrupy sweets, we use plastic grade packing materials
  • We pack in bulk and also make customized sweet boxes
"We want inquiries from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh only"